Tallest Churches in New York
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Tallest Churches in New York

These are the tallest churches located in New York State. While the majority of these churches are located in New York City, some of them are also located in a couple of other cities in New York State. This list is only for churches and to qualify a building has to be primarily a church.

These are the seven tallest churches located in the state of New York. All of these tallest churches are famous landmarks in their respective cities, and most are popular tourist attractions as well as functioning churches. I've been to and prayed in most of these tallest churches in New York, and enjoyed visiting each one.

Tallest Churches in New York

1. Riverside Church in Upper Manhattan- 392 feet

Image Source by Barbara E. Carver

At 392 feet in height, Riverside Church is the tallest church building in New York State and in the United States. Riverside Church is a interdenominational church located at 490 Riverside Drive on the west side of Upper Manhattan not far from the Grant Memorial. Riverside Church was completed in 1930 and is a popular tourist attraction in New York City today.

2. St. Patrick's Cathedral in Manhattan- 339 feet

Image Source

At 339 feet in height, famous St. Patrick's Cathedral in Manhattan is the second tallest church in New York and in the United States. Located at 14 East 51st Street in Manhattan, New York City, St. Patrick's Cathedral is a Roman Catholic Church that is a huge tourist attraction located right near Rockefeller Center.

3. Trinity Church in Lower Manhattan- 281 feet

Image Source by Gryffindor

Located at 79 Broadway in Lower Manhattan, New York City, Trinity Church is the third tallest church in New York at 281 feet in height. The present day Trinity Church was built in 1846 and is an Episcopalian church. Trinity Church was the tallest building in New York City until 1890.

4. St. Paul's Cathedral in Buffalo - 275 feet

Image Source by Doug Kerr

The fourth tallest church in New York State is St. Paul's Cathedral located at 128 Pearl Street in Buffalo, New York. St. Paul's Cathedral is an Episcopalian church that was fully completed in 1870 and is a landmark building in Downtown Buffalo, New York today. 

5. Saint Michael's Church in Rochester- 246 feet

Image Source by DanielPenfield

The fifth tallest church in New York State is Saint Michael's Catholic church located at 124 Evergreen Street in Rochester. Built in Gothic Revival architectural style, Saint Michael's has a capacity of 1,100 people and is the 10th tallest building in Rochester at 246 feet.

6. St. Louis Roman Catholic Church in Buffalo- 245 feet

Image Source

St. Louis Roman Catholic Church in Buffalo is 245 feet high, making it the sixth tallest church in New York State. Located at 35 Edward Street, St. Louis Roman Catholic Church was completed in 1889 and can hold 2,000 people. 

7. Cathedral of Saint John the Divine in New York City- 232 feet

Image Source by Kripaks

Located at 1047 Amsterdam Avenue in Upper Manhattan, the massive Cathedral of Saint John the Divine is the seventh tallest church in New York with a height of 232 feet. With some 480,000 square feet, the Cathedral of Saint John the Divine is the fourth largest church in the world and largest in the United States. The Episcopalian church is a popular tourist attraction in New York today.

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Very nice photos of these churches with greaat design of the time they were erected.

Awesome share!  I love your photos.  Thanks for posting here