New York Sightseeing Website Comparisons: City Sights NY Vs The New York Pass
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New York Sightseeing Website Comparisons: City Sights NY Vs The New York Pass

In this report

City Sights NY and the New York Pass are two websites that offer great packages for visitors to New York City, New York. Get ready to see the popular attractions of the gorgeous city!

City Sights NY offers numerous packages to consumers, including bus tours and restaurant-themed outings. The packages allow consumers to pre-plan their trip to New York and take in many of the sights in an efficient manner. There is not as much independence for the traveler, however, compared to the New York Pass.

The New York Pass provides users access to over 70 popular attractions within the city, simply by showing the Pass in hand. Users can divide their time using the Pass as they wish. Which attractions to see, and when to see them, are under the control of the users. Also, Pass holders avoid wait-time by not having to stand in long lineups.

Both websites offer advantages and disadvantages for consumers, given the specific details of the websites.

#1 - City Sights NY sights

Pros of using City Sights NY are:

  • Bus tour packages visit popular sights around New York City, with several packages from which to choose.
  • There are tours for museums, Broadway shows, and restaurant packages as well. There is a lot of variety.
  • The "hop-on-hop-off" feature of the bus tour means that users hop off the bus at scheduled stops to browse freely for a certain amount of time. There is independence from the group within the tour.
  • See much of the large city in a short time when on a bus tour. Efficiency is evident.
  • Bus packages are pre-planned and organized for users; they do not have spend time picking the spots or finding locations within the large city. The possibility of getting lost around the city is likely eliminated during the tour.

Cons of using City Sights NY are:

  • If users are travelling with a group to New York, not everyone in the group may agree on the specific package to select.
  • While users may enjoy some of the "hop off" places on the bus tour, other attractions may not be of interest. Regardless, the bus is still scheduled to stop for an extended period of time at all the places.
  • City Sights NY have personalized tour buses, in which users sit at the top of double-decker buses. The walk may be difficult for disabled people and seniors.

Pricing Details for City Sights NY are dependent on type of package selected:

  • Prices range in price from $10 USD for the "Museum of the City of New York" package to "VIP New York Private Tours", a six hour package costing $888 USD for a group of up to nine passengers. 
  • Children are cheaper for some packages than adults.
  • Packages are $5 USD cheaper if purchased online rather than at one of the available locations in New York. With the New York Pass, users save $10 USD by purchasing Passes online rather than in-person in NY.
  • Pay using credit card. City Sights NY accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express. The New York Pass is more limited as it accepts Visa, MasterCard, and American Express but not the Discover card.
#2 - The New York Pass

Pros for consumers using the New York Pass are:

  • The Pass is a card with a computer chip that replaces cash and credit cards for entrance fees; there is less opportunity to have money stolen or misplaced while on vacation.
  • The Pass gives users access to over 70 popular attractions in New York City. 
  • Users can bypass lineups and avoid wait times at attractions participating in the Fast Track Entry component of the New York Pass. Time is saved at many of the busiest attractions.
  • The major NY attractions are described in a 176 page guidebook. Visitors see what attractions are key to NY and can plan their trip accordingly.

Cons of using the New York Pass are:

  • If the Pass is lost, a new Pass is given only if the user can provide the unique ID number for the lost card. Without the number, the user is out the money paid for the Pass.
  • Attractions included in the Pass can only be visited one time each per person.
  • Although maps are provided, users have to navigate their way around a city which may be new to them.

Pricing for the New York Pass is reasonable, given the admission prices for the individual attractions:

  • If adult users see three top New York Pass attractions per day, they save a considerable amount of money. On a 1 Day Pass, $63.00 USD is saved, for a 2 Day Pass save $138 USD, for a 3 Day Pass save $217.00 USD, and a 7 Day Pass saves users approximately $518.00. 
  • Passes save users if a considerable amount of attractions are seen; more visits make the pass worth buying in the first place. With the bus tours of City Sights NY, users are taken to set places to stop, they do not have to manage their own time as they are guaranteed to see the outlined number of attractions.
The Bottom Line

City Sights NY is a great website for consumers who want their trip to be pre-planned and organized. Users ensure they will see targeted attractions included in the packages they purchase through the website. Take the stress out of planning by using City Sights NY. To save money, purchase online rather than at one of the locations within New York.

The New York Pass consumer is more likely to want to explore on the city on his or her own. With the guidebook in hand, there are over 70 attractions to see that are included in the original price of the Pass. For travelers who plan to see a lot of attractions within a short period of time, the New York Pass may financially make more sense. Aas with City Sights NY, save money by purchasing the Pass online rather than within the city itself.

Selecting the website to use for a tour of New York City's attractions depends on the consumer's priorities and plans for the excursion. Explore the Big Apple and have fun!

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Comments (6)

Well argued comparison, and very useful. keep it up Christy

A great, complete comparison review - it's great to see someone doing such a great, complete comparison! My last time in NYC we bought the NY Pass, and it was more than worth it! We saw The Ramones and Bo Diddly in small shows, took in 2 free off-Broadway shows and had vastly reduced meals... i would recommend this pass to anyone visiting NYC!!

Thank-you Nigel and Marc for taking time to read and also for the stellar comments! Marc, those are great memories and a good endorsement for the New York Pass, thanks for sharing with us!

Wow, you have created a really great piece of work. Excellent information.

A good comparison as well as value for money planned tours on a bus.

Thanks Martin and Peter! The information will prove helpful for visitors to NY.