How To Tolerate Subway Shenanigans In New York
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How To Tolerate Subway Shenanigans In New York

I love the subway, but there were a few shenanigans I had to deal with. There are some people that don't know how to deal. Based on my own personal experiences, here are some ways for you to handle subway shenanigans here in New York City. Hope you enjoy it.

I’m a New Yorker who’s not afraid to admit that he loves taking the subway. It’s a wonderful form of transportation that I will ride for the rest of my life. I sometimes think its way better than the taxi. When you’re in a taxi you have to hold onto the seat for dear life sometimes. Those drivers are risky when it comes to maneuvering and making turns. I don’t know if I’ll be in a car crash today or tomorrow.

The subway is a wonderful piece of transportation. But like all transportations, there are a few shenanigans taking place. The subway is certainly no different: singers playing till the next stop, homeless people asking for money till the next stop, and arguments that leads to possible fights. It was difficult for me to deal with some of those things. Now I’m at a point where I tolerate these shenanigans. If it happens, I know exactly what to do in those situations.

This is for all those living in New York that wants to know how to tolerate these unusual events.

1. Mental Preparation

If you want to take the subway, get yourself mentally prepared for these situations. Don’t go down those stairs and all of a sudden be in shock that something just happened. It’s the subway. You know running into an unusual event was a possibility. Before you go downstairs, be mentally prepared for it. If you can’t, a taxi cab is a peace sign away.

2. Avoid Any Form Of Temptations

I’ve come a long way from just giving stuff to people. My soft heart always told me to do the right thing. I’ve learned now that the best thing you can do when it comes to a broke person is to not be one of them. You have to avoid the temptation give someone money. Even if you have money is it worth risking your own wallet.

3. Entertainment Time

The one thing that I’m finally dong on the subway is occupying my time with music and literature. I saw everyone else do it. So I felt tempted to buy one. Now I’m walking around everywhere with my iPod and a book copy written by some popular author. It’s also a good way to stay distracted. If a homeless person comes over to you asking for money, they’ll know when to leave you alone because you are obviously doing something else. If a fight breaks out, all you have to do is keep Rihanna on and just walk away.

If you are going to ride the subway, stuff like this is bound to happen. I’ve been exposed to it for so long, I know how to tolerate it. If you are moving to New York for the first time or you’re just growing tired of having to deal with these things down below, here are some tips that will help.

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