How To Survive The Heat In New York City
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How To Survive The Heat In New York City

I am one who is not afraid to admit that I can't stand this heat. There are moments when it really made me sweat like a waterfall. But with careful thinking and loose actions, I have found ways to survive the heat here in New York City. I hope these tips will follow you too.

I know what the average person is thinking right now just by looking at the title of this article. What am I doing complaining about the heat in New York City? I’m from the South. I should be used to heat waves by now.

You’re halfway right on this thing. However, if you’re the average New Yorker, you’ll know that the heat up here is a different ball game. First off, the sun is a little closer around the east more than the south. So by the time you go back inside, you look like the cherry from an ice cream sundae. At least that’s what happens to me all the time.

Then there’s the subway. I know the average New Yorker knows what I’m talking. The minute you walk down those stairs, it feels like you’re walking into a heat wave that’ll be there forever. The heat in this city is no joke. But with good strategies and a store called CVS Pharmacy, I have found ways to survive this heat until the snow begins to come down.

You want to survive the heat in New York City? Here are some ways to do it.

1. Apply Daily Sunscreen

When I was meeting two of my friends over to have a business lunch there was a moment when he was ready to see if I was still alive. I later found out that my face was red as a cherry after being in the sun for so long. Ever since then, I’ve been applying sunscreen as much as I can. I do miss a day or two, but the sunscreen is now a part of my cabinet. Don’t challenge the sun. Protect yourself.

2. Always Have a Beverage

The average person drinks more than they eat. So I don’t know why I’m honestly writing this on. But it’s still very important for me to tell you this. I dehydrate very easily, so a beverage is a must. It’s also good to have when you’re walking dozens of blocks in New York City. When you’re outside and feeling a little hot, you better have a beverage on you. The sun is no joke.

3. Hats Are Your Protectors

Hats and I are currently working things out when it comes to our relationship. But I will say that hats have helped out in tons of hot situations. I would walk outside and never be scared of the hot sun because of the hot sun. With that being said, I encourage everyone to go outside and strut a hat. It’s the ultimate heat protector. I’m just temporarily in hats rehab.

As you can see, the sun is no joke. You got to be on your game when those rays are aiming down on your body. I hope you use some of these tips.

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