How To Be A New York Walker
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How To Be A New York Walker

So you want to know how to walk the streets of New York? You moved here and it's difficult at first? You will be exhausted from the first six blocks? From a fellow New Yorker who loves to walk these streets, here are some tips from my perspective that will help you out.

There are times when I think I should get paid to walk the streets of New York. It’s not only an exercise in itself, but it has somehow turned into a daily hobby. Whether it’s walking to get to the subway or walking a courageous two hours to visit friend, walking has turned into something more than just normal walking into New York.

As soon as you walk these streets it feels like you’re forced to upgrade on your walking abilities. I turned from a slow walker to a hiker just by walking three blocks to get to Starbucks. From a personal perspective, I love it. I’ve always been a huge fan of walking. Walking in New York only increased my love for the hobby. However, there are some individuals that feel they can’t be one. They feel they’ll never be able to survive walking on these streets.

It’s one comment after the next: It’s too long, it’s too far, it’s exhausting, etc. Well if you follow these tips, you will become a New York walker just like me.

1. Get Those Legs In Shape

I completely understand that the first few days are difficult. You’ve been walking for so long you’re legs are aching. I was a member of your club. If I wanted to I could email you a list of reasons when it came to my legs that I wrote in my head. The trick is to keep going. If you keeping walking, you’re legs are going to adapt to it at a certain point. One day, it’ll be aching. Then the next day, you can walk anywhere. You got to keep going.

2. Always Have A Beverage

One of the reasons why it’s hard for you to walk is because you’re never hydrated or eaten anything. This something I learned from living here in New York. We’re always going somewhere. We’re always on the mood. We’re so focused on work. You get so addictive to these tasks you forget to eat or drink. It’s sort of a mental thing. When you’re heading somewhere in New York City always have a beverage with you. I learned from my mistake and am now carrying Escape water with an occasional root beer on the side. It’s a preparation for you when it comes to the weather, miles, and upcoming perspiration.

3. Avoid Transportation Options

This is from me being taught to go to the extreme. If you want to adapt as quickly as you can, avoid any forms of transportation. If you live on 1st Avenue and walk to get to Madison Ave, walk there. Once you get there, take a seat. You’re legs maybe exhausted, but you are one step closer to becoming a New York walker. Working out is the key and walking far is the solution.

I know becoming a New York walker can be slightly difficult. It takes time to do everything. If you stay with these tips, I’m sure walking on the New York street won’t be a problem at all.

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