How New York Will Make You A Better Worker And Organizer
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How New York Will Make You A Better Worker And Organizer

I’ve only been living in New York City for a few weeks now, and my work ethic has changed completely. If you move here as a lazy person, you’ll become a workaholic in record breaking time. I was amazed at how the city changes me as a worker. Here are some ways it’ll make you become that person too.

When I arrived here in New York City, I became the person you see now. Back in the south, it was very robotic and lazy in a way. Most people didn’t care if you were late. As long as you showed up everything is fine. It didn’t matter if you weren’t organized. As long as you know what you’re looking for is in the room, it wouldn’t matter. All you had to do was shuffle through the papers and find what you’re looking for.

That’s a different story in New York City. This place is very time constraint. You have to be on your game. People really treasure their time here. I was lazy when I moved here. Then I became a highly organized worker in a matter of weeks. I’ve learned from my mistakes and pushing forward to it.

However, most people from the outside wonders how New York City changes people in that way. Here are tips that are going to show how New York City will make you a better and organizer. No matter if you’re new or not, it’ll change you.

1. You’re Always On The Move

When it comes to the city, it’s all about living the fast life. I was surprised when I moved here for the first time exactly how fast time passes on you. So when it comes to my schedule, I have to go here and there. You will never see me the couch doing nothing. I’m always going somewhere and don’t come back home until the wee hours of the night.

Because of that, I make sure that I have everything with me, so that I won’t have to ever go back to get it. One mistake while on the move is forgetting something because it tampers with my schedule. Make sure you don’t forget anything, for you will find it difficult to go back while you’re in the midst of the chaos that is New York City.

2. Your Schedule Will Be Packed

I don’t remember the last time I had a day off. I look at Saturdays and Sundays in my planner. Within seconds, it’s covered in ink. This is what my life is now. There was time to waste. If you are a person who’s used to not working much, you will become a workaholic in days. If you still don’t believe me, stay here for a week and look at your schedule.

When it comes to life there is no time to waste. You’re bound to experience that in the big city. These are just a few ways how New York City will make you a better worker and organizer.

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