Earthquakes in New York History
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Earthquakes in New York History

These are all the earthquakes that occurred in New York State since the 1700s from the United States Geological Survey or USGS. The Ramapo fault line does run through New Jersey up into southern New York State, but it's a not a major fault line for earthquakes. As you'll see, there are some area of New York State that are more prone to earthquakes than others. All the earthquakes in the state are listed, as well as the major earthquakes that occurred in other areas that were strongly felt in New York State.

In 1638, 1661, 1663, and 1732 there are reports of large earthquakes from the St. Lawrence River Valley being felt in New York State as per . A VII intensity earthquake that struck in the northern Cape Ann region in eastern Massachusetts, near Newbury, in 1727 was also felt in New York State. The next earthquake is the first recorded one that occurred in New York State.

Image Source by Alec Tabak (People near Wall Street in Manhattan after evacuating buildings due to August 23, 2011 earthquake)

December 18, 1737: an intensity VII earthquake struck near New York City that knocked over chimneys in the area. This earthquake was felt in Delaware, Boston and Philadelphia.

October 23, 1857: an intensity VI earthquake struck near Buffalo that shook walls, knocked books and other things off shelves, and was felt in Lockport, New York for a full minute.

November 4, 1877: an intensity VII earthquake struck in northeastern New York State that knocked over chimneys and cracked walls. In Auburn, New York, windows were broken and in Saratoga Springs buildings shook and a roaring sound was reported.

August 10, 1884: a 5.5 magnitude earthquake struck in the New York City area that cracked walls, knocked down chimneys and caused severe damage in Jamaica and Amityville. This quake knocked down chimneys in cities and towns in New York, Connecticut, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, and was felt as far away as Vermont, Virginia and Washington, D.C. Aftershocks were felt on August 11.

May 27, 1897: an intensity VI earthquake struck in northeastern New York without causing damage.

February 28, 1925: a magnitude 7.0 earthquake struck near La Malbaie, Quebec in Canada that was felt throughout upstate New York and in some places south of Albany.

August 12, 1929: an intensity VIII earthquake struck near Attica that knocked over hundreds of chimneys, caused books and dishes to fall off shelves, caused gravestones and markers to fall and twist, and caused some wells in the area to go dry. Aftershocks were felt in Attica on December 2 and 3, 1929.

April 20, 1931: an intensity VII earthquake struck around Lake George that knocked over chimneys, cracked walls, and broke dishes around the Glen Falls area.

November 1, 1935: a 6.25 magnitude earthquake struck near Timiskaming, Quebec in Canada that was felt throughout New York State, and broke windows and plates in Dannemora, New York.

September 4, 1944: a 5.8 magnitude earthquake struck between Massena, New York and Cornwall, Ontario. The vast majority, 90%, of the chimneys in Massena and Cornwall were knocked over, and most homes suffered cracks and other damage to foundations. Wells ran dry throughout St. Lawrence County. This quake was felt as far away as Maine, Indiana and Maryland.

January 1, 1966: a 4.7 magnitude earthquake struck near Attica that damaged the main smokestack at Attica State Prison, and caused damage to chimneys and walls in the surrounding areas.

October 7, 1983: a 5.3 magnitude earthquake struck near Blue Mountain Lake in the Adirondacks. One chimney was knocked over and a few dozen others were damaged, as were gravestones in the area. Tremors from this quake was felt in 12 states, as well as in Quebec and Ontario Provinces in Canada.

April 20, 2002: a 5.1 magnitude earthquake struck near Au Sable Forks in northeastern New York that damaged some roads, bridges, chimneys and water lines in Clinton and Essex counties. This earthquake was felt as far away as Maryland, Maine, Ohio and Michigan. An 3.6 magnitude aftershock occurred on May 24, 2002 near Plattsburgh.

December 25, 2002: a 3.6 magnitude earthquake occurred on Christmas Day in 2002 near Redford, New York. Redford is a small town located about 15 miles west of Plattsburgh.

August 23, 2011: a 5.8 magnitude earthquake that struck in central Virginia near the town of Mineral was felt in New York City. Some buildings in the city, especially in Manhattan, were evacuated but nor real damage was reported.

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